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There are numerous ways you can help advance the fight against Fanconi anemia, and not all of them require money. If you find yourself able to donate funds, fantastic! If not, there are still ways for you to help the cause.

Make a donation.

Discovering treatments, uncovering secrets and discovering a cure all require research—and research takes money. By making a contribution to the cause, you're helping to create a brighter future for those with Fanconi anemia today, and those who may develop it in the future.  Click to DONATE NOW!

Become a bone marrow donor.

Virtually every person with FA will require a bone marrow transplant, but sadly some may not find a suitable donor. To remedy this unfortunate situation, join the National Marrow Donor Registry to determine if you are a match for any of the thousands of people whose lives depend on a bone marrow transplant. Visit Be The Match at to find out how you can help.

Learn more about Fanconi anemia.

Education is key in the fight against FA. To learn more about this disease, its current treatments and research toward new breakthroughs, visit Then, share what you’ve learned with those you know. The more people who know about FA, the better our odds of beating it.

T-shirts, Hats, Decals, and Bracelets.

Show your support for the Kidz1stFund by purchasing a t-shirt, hat, decal, bracelet or other item. All proceeds will go toward research, and the attention you bring will take us one step closer to our goal as well. Click here to visit the online store to show your support.

Want to host an event or become a volunteer?

We’re always looking for individuals or organizations interested in planning an event on our behalf.  If you’d like to join in the fight, please contact us




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FSU Marching Chiefs Honor Coach Fisher’s Fight